ServiceStar is a full service provider of Remote Monitoring and Control solutions to the energy industry.  ServiceStar offers all the components of an integrated automation system including the monitoring and measurement equipment, communications network, software applications, data hosting and operations and maintenance.  This results in a seamless automation product for a low monthly fee with no upfront capital or development requirements.

ServiceStar Features

  • Enables you to remotely monitor your operations from wellhead measurement, compressor status, tank monitoring, artificial lift and virtually any other application that can be measured.
  • Allows you to remotely monitor and control your field operations with any internet enabled PC or via telephone using the voice activated data retrieval system.
  • Gives you a tool that presents to you the opportunity to increase production, reduce downtime and lower operating expenses by enabling you to know exactly what is happening in the field, making immediate adjustments, without having to be physically present to gather the data after the fact.

ServiceStar currently monitors thousands of wells, compressors, tanks and other applications for hundreds of customers.

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